Research Interest:

  • Information and Network Security
  • Medical Image Analysis and Visualization
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing
  • Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
  • Robotics in Medical and Clinical Use

Current Research:

  • Passive Defense in Information and Communication Technology
    I am reseraching security aspect of ICT to prepare a document about passive defense in ICT. This research focused on govermental use.

Former Research:

  • Multiple Sclerosis Lesions Segmentation in Brain MRI
    The focus of my research was on feature representation and tissue classification. In feature representation, the focus was on textural features. In classification, the focus was on kernel-based binary classification algorithm to detect healthy and unhealthy tissues. The project was supervised by Dr. Dhanesh Ramachandram.
  • Design a Robot to Controll the Injection
    I am investigating both theoretical and practical aspects of robots specially in medical and clinical use. Key areas include: integration of strategic and tactical planning and optimization algorithms to enable robust robot control in the presence of system failures and environmental uncertainties; sensor processing algorithms, including feature matching, event detection, classification, and recognition.
  • Design a Hybrid System for Tissue Segmentation
    In this project, an efficient hybrid method is proposed to segment the normal and abnormal tissues in the medical images. The proposed method is based on Fuzzy clustering. Fuzzy C-Mean plays essential role to analyze the patient’s data and determine the exact location of lesion and tissue and gives visual representation of the original data.

Former Project:

  • IP Camera Security System
    This project was implemented in 2009. The system develops a security system using wired and wireless IP cameras.This project is aimed to be able to operates on a simple wired and wireless broadband network. It must also operates with the internet provider service.